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Create Micro CRUD services for Oracle Database Cloud using NodeJS

I will try to explain, how you can use NodeJS to create mirco services for the tables in your Oracle Database Cloud or on-premise Database.

Complete Github project :
You need to do "npm install" to download the node_modules.

Step by Step guide : 1. NodeJS : either 32 or 64 bit. If you already have NodeJS installed, please check whether it is 64 or 32. Use below command to figure that out :
> require('os').arch()

If you get : 'ia32' , then it is 32 bit installation.

2. Install oracle-db node module.  This was a lengthy and time consuming installation for me, because for Windows, it has a lot of pre-requisites. If you are a Mac user, you are lucky. :)
I followed :
There is also a detailed one in github :

3. Config your DB Cloud Create a user and couple of tables on which we'll write the Microservi…